Reasons Why 2020 KCSE Candidates Enrolled In Diploma Courses Are Likely To Reap Big Compared Degree. Check out

According to the mandates of the ministry of education all 2020 KCSE learners who scored C+ and above were eligible for degree programs.Other remaining fraction were enrolled in college, polytechnics and Technical institutions.



Those in colleges are likely to reap Big as the study duration is shorts thus joining job markets early enabling them to start investments as well as gain more working experience and referrals.



Reduces bad debts results from HELB Loans as two years is short for the loan to accrue huge interest thus minimizes chances of being negatively listed with CRB.



Most employers tend to minimize cost of production inorder to gain profits thus prefers diploma holders because they offer services at affordable cost and work well under no supervision since colleges have restricted freedom.



Most marketable diploma courses are website designing, Teaching, building and construction, Nursing and Laboratory technicians


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