Reasons why Classroom Teachers Are Scrambling For The Senior Teacher Positions in Schools, Check out the amazing reasons below

The teachers recently missed their new CBA that they had were closer to getting.



TSC had earlier this year was submitted with the 16-32% salary increment that would have pushed the teachers’ salaries to higher figures.



Unfortunatelly,SRC dashed their hopes.The Commission cited the hard economic times that the country is going through due to Covid-19 pandemic.



However,the teachers still had a date with the employer where they agreed to begin a new round of negotiations within one year.



As the teachers wait for these salaries for every teacher,a section of these teachers are in a rush to get higher salaries due to promotions.




TSC has made it very difficult for teachers to get promoted.The first automatic qualification requirement is that the teachers must have degrees in any educational field.



The classrooom teachers who need promotions but have the prerequisite qualifications have ended up being dissapointed by TSC.



It is sad to note that a primary school teacher with even Masters Degree cannot directly apply to be a Deputy Head teacher of the school because he or she must meet one condition of being a senior teacher first for a minimum of three years.



Many P1 classroom teachers with degrees have been left scrambling to be senior teachers first in the schools just in order to begin the queue to the administration positions.




The senior teacher is always appointed at the staff meetings after which the head teacher forwards the name to TSC.



The main hindrance is that onces there is an existing senior teacher in a school,it becomes difficult to appoint another teacher to senior position.



This in return  leads to more wait by teachers for such a chance to exist.



This position is currently lucrative since it is the starting point to the administrative position and every teacher now yearning for it.



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