Reasons why renewal of certificates for every teacher after five years will be mandatory

Teachers in government schools will now be forced to renew their professional certificates after every five years.




Under the new policy, teachers will now have to undergo in-service professional training lasting five years, after which they will get their certificates renewed.




Professional development will last 30 years and will consist of six modules, each lasting five years. According to TSC,  four institutions have been contracted on an annual long agreement with the option of expansion.




The Teachers Service Commission, the employer of tutors in public schools, on Wednesday launched refresher courses for 340,000 teachers across the country.




TSC chief executive Nancy Macharia said the plan is to professionalize the teaching fraternity to match other careers such as law and engineering. We had a very hard time negotiating for teachers because when you are at the negotiating table they refer to teachers as unskilled or semi-teachers  Skilled,” said Macharia.



With the roll out, Macharia argues that there is going to be respect for the teaching profession.

So too, she says that teachers will stay updated with changes in the academic world.



“We have to see our teachers conducting research projects and writing academic and acclaimed research papers to improve teaching quality in schools,” said Macharia.




Macharia said that missing out on professional training will not affect his chances of promotion.

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