Recently signed CBA between TSC and Teachers to be Revisited due to the following reasons

The recent public survey done on the status of Kenyan economy in the past two years revealed that the country’s economic growth has drastically dropped.



The main cause being the sudden emergency of the deadly virus, Covid-19, since December 2019. Many of the businesses have been affected based on the minimal labor inputs caused by work-from-home formula.




According to exclusive reports, many of the bodies in charge of civil and public servants had signed appropriate CBA formulas with their workers, which were to be honored for more than 5 years, like that of between TSC and KNUT, and KUPPET.



However, the Kenyan body that deals with the remuneration of public servants’ perks, SRC, issued an ultimatum which led to stoppage of salary increase to anybody whatsoever, citing poor income generation channels caused by Covid-19 effect.



The decision forced the commissions and urgencies to review their CBAs with their employees, as they claimed that the matter will be dealt with at a later date, when the virus will be totally under control.



Funny enough, with the current Covid-19 infection rate of more than 12%, their are little or no signs of the Kenya’s economy coming back to normal, and hence the latest signed CBAs might be a slap in the face.





As private reports suggest, this has come to the knowhow of the people’s unions, and they have privately requested their commissions to hold a separate urgent meeting to look into the matter before the latest CBA review deals are permanently sealed.



Their claim is that, as per the daily records, Covid-19 is not to end very soon, and it might be a longterm overturn of the earlier CBA signed between the commission and the unions.




Therefore, they reportedly request the SRC to allocate them an increment that could at least be even a quarter of the percentages agreed earlier, rather than go empty handed as such.




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