Rescue all Teachers suffering from Delocalization policy, TSC urged

Teachers under KNUT have not been on the CPG program since 2017 until now. The employer has clearly stated that the union is opposed to the new employment system and must lose all benefits that come with promotions and new wages. 

The Teacher Service Commission since then has left teachers belonging to the union with a lot loneliness. The  Kenya National Union of Teachers(KNUT)  has been  under the leadership of  Secretary-General Wilson Sossion  who recently retired. This union has faced many challenges  including significant financial losses.

The teachers’ unions have criticized some of the policies, including the re-employment policy. In this  re employment policy, many teachers across the country are forced  to work very far away from their beloved ones and even families. This is not the case to local  teachers who are   relocated to  work in remote schools. 

The Teacher service commission should react in a very faster manner to help teachers suffering from this problem of re employment policy.

In some parts of the country, teachers always find  lot of problems of being accepted by the community people where they are carrying the teaching activity.  since the policy began.

All these cries have  been raised  by most teachers across the country when  on Thursday  a report circulated  across all media platforms showing a physics teacher who was badly injured by students.

Mr. Pius Mugambi

 Mr. Pius Mugambi a teacher  of  Physics in Oldonyiro mixed day secondary in Isiolo county was badly injured vowed to kill him if he  was not to be transferred. This became a worrying issue to teachers teaching in these areas.

Due to these sentiments from the learners has really made all these Teachers both local and non local  to leave in fear over their lives. The TSC should immediately do something about the same and rescue teachers from the reshaping strategy that threatens their lives so that they will have a friendly teaching environment.

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