Resumption of learning at kakamega school, reopening dates and damage cost announced

Kakamega High School was closed after students unrest in the school. This is after students burned down dormitory. The school administration resolved to close the school in order to find solution and repair the dormitory.


Today on 11th November 2021 the school has has released internal memo on the date the students are expected back in school and the amount of money the parents are expected to pay for damages


Following the board management meeting held on 10th November 2021 at school, the following was revealed.

  1. The school will resume in phases as follows,
  • Form 4-15th November 2021
  • Form 1 -21th November 2021
  • Form 2 – 23rd November 2021
  • Form 3 – 25th November 2021
  • Each student accompanied by the parent/guardian should report to school by 8:00 am on respective dates without fail.


-As per the  ministry of transport, infrastructure ,housing, urban development and public works reports on the burnt dormitory, the bill of quantities done as per assessment by the public works officer stands at Kshs. 12,185,540


-The cost of CCTV installation in the building is estimated at Kshs 695,420

-The cost of 280 double decker beds  is Kshs 4,194,400

Upon the aforementioned above requirements each student is required to pay Kshs. 9823 as cost for damages .


The amount will be paid by each student on reporting day

Also note that all the outstanding fee balances for second term 2021 and any school arrears  must be cleared in full and provide the paying banks slips on opening day.

The school will donate a mattress ,two blankets and two bed sheets to the students whose items were burnt by fire.



As seen from the above memo, the amount that every parent is going to pay will really be a huge burden to them moreso this Covid-19 period in which the economy has been tough.


Parents as you receive your kid back at home for the short period of time as from next week, try to speak to them and advise them accordingly so as to instill good morals and virtues.

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