Return cane and curb cases of learners unrest CS Magoha

Prof George Magoha the Education Cabinet Secretary has called for the come back of physical punishment in schools to arrest the increasing cases of indiscipline among students.


In digging for the re-introduction of the stick to instill discipline, the Cabinet Secretary noted that learners should not be allowed extreme freedom.


He advised parents to discipline their learners instead of leaving the task to educators. Physical punishment was banned in 2001, and in place, the Children’s Act that involves protecting learners from abuse and violence passed.


He said that they need to re-introduce canning in schools like former times and parents should discipline learners and stop expecting our educators to do the unbearable. It is probable to discipline our learners and be self-assured to them to remain children.

Magoha also said that they will not handle learners with kid gloves. It is not time for learners to order what is supposed to be done. We cannot give learners what they want. They have to be directed to live a normal life.


The Cabinet Secretary,Prof Magoha, made the comments in the wave an inferno that demolished property at Kisumu Boys High School. While speaking to the Press, the Cabinet Secretary stated that parents would have to stand the cost of the indemnities following the fire occurrence that came two days after schools opened for Second Term.


Prof Magoha cautioned learners behind the occurrence to desist from disrupting the school calendar swearing that the school will not be closed. Amongst a wave of fire incidents in schools, the Cabinet Secretary came under fire when he supported for physical punishment.


He added that they have supressed their heads in the sand for too long particularly from the point of view of childcare. If you want to know the encounters they have in parenting, talk to school principals.

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