Sad story as the cause of Beryl Jerop’s death is revealed

The youngster had just reported to St Teresa of Avila girls in Nandi as a Form one. She was a happy young girl who had been admitted to her dream school. She was determined to work hard and make her family proud.


However her school journey was cut shot few weeks after reporting. She reportedly fell ill and died before her body was taken to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret.


It has now emerged that Beryl died from Bacterial Meningitis. She had reportedly complained of headache, Fever, stiff neck and painful joints but the teachers only took her to the school nurse who gave her painkillers and asked her to cover herself with an extra blanket. She was allowed to rest in the Dormitory while others were in class.



Her fellow students were shocked to find that she was dead when they returned from their evening preps. The school immediately alerted the police who collected her body and registered her as unknown.



According to her family, the school acted in a Suspicious manner leading to questions on why they did not take her to the hospital when she fell ill and why her body was labeled unknown.



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