Schools receives ksh 17bn from the Government

The Cabinet Secretary (CS) of the Ministry of Education Prof George Magoha has said that the government is impressed by the high turnout of Form One students who started reporting in their secondary schools on Monday, August 2, 2021.



Pro. Magoha said that at the end of the Form One reporting exercise, all learners from Grade One to Form Four will return to class for the first time since March 2020, when all schools were closed as part of government measures. The spread of COVID-19.



In a statement to the newsroom on Tuesday, the CS said that apart from the students of Form One, all other learners successfully opened for the first term of the 2021 academic calendar on July 26, 2021.




The government released a total of Ksh 17.47bn To ensure no disruption in education in all our public schools during this period.


Out of this, ksh2.62 billion is for primary school students, while ksh 14.85 billion is for secondary school students. Magoha outlined.



The CS said that with the release of capitation funds, principals are advised to keep all their learners in their respective schools to ensure that no part of the class time is wasted during the short academic calendar.


The cs further added that the principals should communicate with the parents of the learners regarding fees balance to find practical ways of clearing all the arrears 



principals were advised by the cs to  strictly follow the new education ministry guidelines on school fees that were issued on the basis of the 30-week school calendar. Any additional charges outside the official guidelines will not be tolerated. 



Following 100 % transition policy, the CS said that parents and  stakeholders responsible  should ensure that all Form One students report to their secondary schools.



Noting that the schools have  started learning activities for Term One, thus the 2021funds have been released to support the learning exercise.



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