Scrap off all boarding schools and help teachers from sufferings, KUPPET secretary message to the Ministry of Education

KUPPET has now made an appeal to the ministry of education to phase out boarding schools gradually so as the workloads of teachers teaching in boarding school is reduced. Akello Misori, the KUPPET secretary argued that the teachers teaching in boarding schools work for longer hours compared to their counterparts who teach in day schools and yet they  go home unrewarded from the extra effort they put in.


Speaking in Embu town where he had a meeting with delegates from  lower and upper Eastern regions,  He brought  out this major concern that the workload of the teachers in boarding had abnormally increased in recent past since the outbreak of Covid19 pandemic.


“ This teachers act as parents as they take care the   learners to ensure they are safe while in school, They are also required to work for long hours to ensure the students make up for the time that was lost when the schools were closed for two terms” Misori said.


The KUPPET secretary made a suggestion to the policy makers that they should come up with new methodologies to ensure that all learners become day scholars who usually go home in the evening  so that  both teachers and parents have equal input in influencing the performance of the learners.


Omboko Milemba, the KUPPET chairman also said that the decision that see all school heads stay in school  for longer hours is totally unfair to teachers  who are in return not given any allowance for this extra time worked for.


He further advised the government  to hasten  to restore peace, calmness and safety for schools which were  burnt by the recently bandit attack so as learners should resume  with learning.


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