*Simple easy step by step procedure on filling TSC wealth Declaration Of income, assets and liabilities*

As TSC has given teachers up to 31st  December 2021 to have their declaration filled completely, most of teachers have experienced some much difficulties in doing  the same.




In this article we are going to provide the simple steps on how you will navigate through the TSC portal and complete  the exercise in less than 5 minutes.



Teachers are asked by the teacher service commission to declare their wealth for 2019 to 2021.



According to section 26 and 27 of the public officer ethics act (POEA) requires all public officers to declare their income, assets and liabilities for every 2 years.


All this is done online through the TSC website

Declaration of income, assets and liabilities forms are filled online.




Wealth declaration step by step Guide .

Below is a clear step by step guidance on how to access and fill the wealth declaration form.


TSC Teachers can declare their wealth for income assets and liabilities online using the following step.

  • Using your browser, Visit the official TSC website by clicking on the following link; tsc.go.ke


  • click on online services menu and go to Teachers Online Services sub menu



  • Then Click on the Declaration of Income, Assets and Liabilities tab



  • Enter your correct TSC number and click next to proceed




  • Carry out the signing up process filling out the correct details required



  • Next enter your TSC number and the password used during signing up, then click login



  • Slowly go through all the provided instructions reading them carefully then click NEXT


  • Fill in the wealth declaration form where you will be required to enter your wealth details and that of your spouse




NB: Capturing Spouse(s) and dependants: Enter your spouse(s) and dependants’ details. One can capture more dependants by repeating the same process. Teachers Service Commission TSC Wealth Declaration





  • Dependants’ Declaration of Income, Assets and Liabilities: The list of dependants is on the right side of the window, click on Declare statement under Actions column on the far right. If not applicable, click Next to proceed to the next step




Remember filling the wealth declaration after 31st December 2021 will not go through. Therefore hurry up and do it before time elapses.




Click on the following link  to download the Wealth_Declaration_2021_Manual


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