Simplified step by step guide on how to apply for a TSC transfer online

The teachers had been carried out through a manual application. The teacher who wishes to apply for the transfer used to visit the nearest (TSC) COUNTY OFFICE to collect the transfer forms.



Due to the improvements in technology the employer has easened the work to teachers by allowing them to carry out the process by themselves.



This is something that most of teachers have embraced with alot of joy that had made them save a lot of time and paperwork.



To carry out the process one needs to have installed a browser e.g mozilla Firefox, chrome, Microsoft edge etc.



The following are the steps to follow to make the process successful.

1. In your browser enter the URL and click on online services and select teacher transfer.


2. After clicking on teacher’s transfers enter your details that is Tsc no. Xxxx, ID NO. 30XXXX, MOBLIE NO 07XXX and the Click login


3. After clicking on login TSC  will send  a six digit code to phone number you used.



4. On the login page enter the authorization code and clock login. Once you login successfully the system will automatically detect whether you are a primary or secondary teacher.



5. Click on submit the request for transfer to prceed to transfer application.




6. A pop up window will open  where you enter the details they require. Select the declaration box and click ok to proceed.


7. After clicking Ok the system will display your current station and the requested county. 



8. If additional support documents are required due to medical or insecurity reasons, click on file attachments to upload the document(s).


The transfer request can be also edited, withdrawn or printed of need be.



The  transfer request can also be edited, withdrawn or printed if need be.



Click on browse and select the document(s) you wish to upload, enter your remarks, select the dialogue box and click OK after the upload of the document.



The uploaded document(s)  will be displayed. You can either remove or view the document.



9. Once you get satisfied with the document(s) you  want to attach click  the submit button after successful delivery of the application.  The status will change to pending and this will keep on changing. Click on logout to exit the system.




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