Sossion finally explains the main reason behind TSC new directive on refresher courses

Nominated Member of Parliament and former KNUT secretary general Hon. Wilson Sossion has today broken his silence on the blunder that led Teachers Service Commission (TSC) led by Nancy Macharia on refresher courses. According to reports, all teachers are supposed to undertake refresher courses instituted by the TSC through the agreement they signed on.




Wilson Sossion pointed out that KNUT made the biggest mistake by agreeing to drop a case against the government in the exchange of money. The careless blunder of signing the agreement is now making the teachers to feel the great damage it has to them.



As a result, Sossion has therefore urged teachers to open up their eyes on the agreement they sign with TSC so as not to haunt them in future. All most every teacher is crying on the new directive which they signed on with the TSC.



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