*Special strict guidelines to parents and teachers concerning CBC assessment by KNEC*

The Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) aims at meeting the needs and solve the challenges faced by all learners.


According to the new education guidelines, learners will not be able to transfer to other schools upon getting to grade six.


After completing grade three, all leaners will need a special assessment number, which will be issued by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC).


The number will be used in facilitating the assessment of learners as from grade four. The KNEC will also use it in recording the learners’ assessment progress throughout their education.


This means that even if a learner is transferring from one school to another. He/she will retain the assessment number.


The assessment number will also help learner who may opt to transfer at grade 4 or 5 in the transferring process.


The school where the learner wants to transfer from will receive transfer request online where they will either accept or decline.


If the head teacher accepts the transfer request the learners will be free to transfer to the new school.


“Learners not in KNEC SYSTEM at grade four and grade five can be registered by both the Sub-county Director of Education and the head teacher,” stated a document released by KNEC.


After grade six, learners will join junior secondary schools based on hybrid model which will involve CATs (Classroom Assessment Techniques) and KNEC tests. Besides, the learners will take CATs at the end of grade 4, 5 and 6 which will be part of the final examinations.


Each CAT will have 20 marks of the final marks in grade 4, 5, 6, thus accumulating 60% of the final marks scored. The remaining 40% will be KNEC Exam that will be issued at the end of grade 6.


Head teachers will access the CBA through the KNEC Portal; cba.knec.ac.ke using the schools username and password.

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