*SRC releases the whooping amount all government employees will receive as from next week.checkout who benefits more*

The proposed monthly consolidated remuneration package is fixed for the term of the office of the State officer in the Executive of the County Governments unless otherwise reviewed and set by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission,”The proposed monthly consolidated remuneration package is a consolidated pay including house allowance in line with section 31(2)(a) of the employment Act,2007,” SRC stated.


The proposed changes are set to be implemented from the financial year of 2021/2022 and 2022/2023.


Additionally, there is also an increase of allowance for the legislators sitting in committees. SRC has proposed an allowance of Ksh15,000 for committee chairpersons and Ksh7,500 for other members.


In the 2017 gazetted pay schedule, allowance for chairpersons of committees was capped at Ksh8,000 per sitting while the other committee members received Ksh5,000 per sitting.



Committee vice-chairpersons will receive Ksh12,000 if the new changes are passed and effected.Additionally, dental and optical medical allowance for the MPs has been raised from Ksh75,000 to Ksh 100,000.


However, the salary of the President remains at Ksh 1,443,750 while that of his deputy is retained at Ksh1,227,188. Similarly, cabinet secretaries and governors will continue to earn Ksh 924,000.

In their announcement, SRC also called for views from various stakeholders and the public in regard to the proposed changes as required by law.



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