Teachers careers will be greatly affected by the TSC TPD roll out programme as the categories of teachers to be excluded from the refresher training courses revealed



  • TSC to exclude teachers on unpaid study leave and those having disciplinary cases against them all from Primary, secondary and Teachers training colleges.
  •  TPD modules will be  the essential conditions for promotion of teachers from one job grade to another.



The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) launched the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) program in Karen at the Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA) on 22 September 2021, which will have a diverse effect in the teaching fratenity.


TPD will commit teachers in all public schools to undergo refresher courses, which will have a huge impact on their entire careers. This is because the TPD will be used to promote teachers as provided in the Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) of the TSC.


The CPG of TSC has been in existence since 8th November 2017, TPD modules are the essential conditions for promotion of teachers from one job grade to another.


The CPG document states, “As per the provision in Regulation 48 of the Code of Regulation for Teachers, teachers are required to undergo professional development programs to enhance their career progression.


To qualify for promotion, a teacher must have undergone career progression and completed it according to CPG, fulfill the minimum qualifications per grade, possess the necessary experience and perform their duties to a satisfactory level.


331,232 teachers will be directly affected by this demand of the Commission in 2020. However, teachers who are on study leave and with disciplinary cases will be excluded that is from primary, secondary and teacher training colleges as per the Economic Survey report for 2021.


This means that the TPD module will be a new tool to be used for the promotion of teachers apart from the academic credentials of the teachers.


According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TSC, the TPD module will run for the full time as long as the teachers are in the profession.


The modules are structured into six  levels of competency where each level will take five years to finish after which each teacher will be required to renew their  teaching certificates. Teachers who have not complied may lose their teaching certificates if they fail to undergo the training.


The Economic Survey report for 2021 showed that out of 218,077 teachers in public primary schools, 419 teachers have masters and doctoral (PhD) degrees, 17,930 teachers have bachelor’s degrees, and 21,632 have diplomas while 178,024 teachers are certificates holders.



These figures exclude teachers on unpaid study leave and those with disciplinary cases against them. On the other hand, in secondary schools and teacher training colleges, the Economic Survey report for 2021 indicated that out of 113,155 teachers, 1725 have masters and doctoral (PhD) degrees, 108,109 have bachelor’s degrees, 11 have postgraduates diplomas in education and 3,310 teachers had diplomas.


The entry requirements for the TPD module have not yet  been disclosed upto now  and  it is not yet revealed whether this will be addressed in the near future. Once the entry requirements will be released we will let you know.



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