Teachers finally answers Mp Didimus Barasa after his annoying statements about CBC

Didmus Barasa, a controversial MP for Kimilili, has accused teachers of using the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) to exploit parents.


Barasa, speaking at a funeral in Bungoma, claimed that instructors had been utilizing CBC to eradicate chicken from houses.


While demonizing CBC, Barasa stated that teachers had exploited the rigorous curriculum to shortchange parents.


“Walimu wamekula kuku mpaka imeisha kwa maboma ya watu. Hiyo CBC tunataka iondolewe kabisa (Teachers have exhausted chicken there are no more in our homes. They send for them saying they want to teach. They end up eating them. This CBC should be scrapped,” Barasa said.


According to the controversial member of parliament, students are required to bring chicken to school for dissection and cooking lessons.

presiding over “kalongolongo courts” to resolve their little disagreements.


In all of these situations, we are SATISFIED with what our families can afford when we return home at night.


In fact, due to our position within the castle, many of us are allergic to prominent delicacies such as Barasa’s chicken.


I believe there was a HUNGRY teacher on Barasa’s campaign or strategy team who longed for his chicken.


Yes, it is normal to crave when a smell provokes our noses.




The teacher is bitter.

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