Teachers Furry after TSC deducts ksh 500 from the August salary payment, Here are the reasons as to why


Teachers employed by TSC have been thrown in shock after what they have termed as discrimination.



According to a section of teachers, their payslips are no more the same compared to the previous months. This comes after TSC deducted 500 shillings from ever employed teacher.


Sources reveal that the money is meant for the newly elected Secretary general for The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT).


Teachers in Kenya have always been represented by two main Unions among them Kenya Union for Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET).



The unions were initially at quarrels with teachers’ employer but recently, there is a good working environment between the two parties who agreed to sign for the coming Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).


The move to deduct 500/- from every teachers has not been received as a big blow especially to those with other loans required to be attended to. It is also bad lack to this category of teachers.


Oyuu was elected to the help of KNUT last early this year following the resignation of the fiery Secretary General Wilson Sosion. Oyuu came under intense criticism when he signed CBA without monetary value.


It emerged that Kuppet was also cautions to press on with their hard-line stand as it would erode the goodwill they have been enjoying with TSC even when Knut was entangled in a bitter fight with the employer. In the end, all the three union officials signed the nonmonetary deal granting TSC a major win.



“We are happy to announce that all parties have reached a deal. We have signed a new CBA 2021- 2025 but there is room for strengthening it in the future,” said TSC Chief executive Nancy Macharia.

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