Teachers Humiliated by an Education officer

For many many years, teachers have  to experiencing alot of  frustrations and dissatisfaction at some of the working conditions they are being subjected to by  Teacher service commission.


The government through the relevant stakeholders who are responsible and mandated to  take care of the teacher’s rights have with  no doubt failed.


These teachers are the people who help make the future teachers, Leaders, Doctors, accountants Engineers, and many more  professionals who will build the nation.


New reports  emerged of how an Education Officer  from a certain primary school from Bungoma County on Monday embarrassed teachers who came to school late by locking them outside the gate.


According to a report by locals  who witnessed, the teachers were made to stand outside with the gate locked by the officer.


To help themselves, the teachers were  forced to put in to practice the students’ technique  of sneaking into schools.  The  famous operationa l plan of learners ‘Panya routes’ was used by the teachers to access the school.


Learners who saw their teachers crawling as they passed through the panya route enjoyed the scene. The teachers ended up being the laughing stock with Students celebrating their teacher’s sufferings.


The Teacher later said that respect should be shown to every teacher. “treat teachers like adults not kids, this is bad humiliation to us ” said the teachers.


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