Teacher’s online registration, Assessment and certificates for TPD portal opened by TSC

The teachers are currently preparing to go for the Teacher Professional Development modules trainings that are to be done in four approved institutions of higher learning.



TSC has approved Riara University,Kenyatta University,Mount Kenya University and KEMI.Already,KEMI and Mount Kenya University have already advertised their intakes for the first lot of the teachers.


Unfortunately,they are still skeptical since some of them have no money to pay as fees.


The teachers are seemingly preparing for more.The stress to do with the distances and fees are still disturbing majority of them.Furthermore,the imagination that they will study probably until retirements is still a surprise to them.



TSC has just expanded its portal for teachers.In the portal,it has now brought about the teachers’ registration.


A teacher who registers will be forced to provide the training center for the first module which is also indicated on the portal.The first module will be Competency Based Curriculum, Pedagogy and inclusive Education practices.


In the portal,there is also a section of the assessment once a teacher will be through with the training of a module and finally a section for the certificate,date given and the expiry date after the 5 year period.



Each teacher should now login to his or her Tpad page to access all these.Newskali media team wishes the first lot of teachers successful trainings.








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