*Teachers to be promoted to Administrative positions based on TPAD TSC CEO confirms*


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In September this year, TSC advertised massive promotion posts to administrative grades. TSC directed those interested to apply online by 28th September 2021.

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Applicants were required to upload the following documents which TSC said MUST be valid during applications;



a) Letter of appointment to the current grade


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b) Letter of appointment to the current responsibility



c) Certificate of good conduct from Directorate of Criminal Investigationsd) Clearance certificate by Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)



e) Clearance application from Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission



f) Clearance certificate from a Credit Reference bureau


g) Tax compliance certificate from Kenya Revenue Authority




TSC advertised promotion posts for curriculum support officers, senior lecturers, principals, deputy principals, head teachers, deputy head teachers, senior teachers, senior masters, primary and secondary teachers.


The Commission allowed access to the previous TPAD appraisals for interested applicants to download and present during the upcoming interviews.


TSC issued the following directive to County directors regarding the online TPAD system.


1. Lesson Observation: The TPAD online system provides for lesson observation which should be done at least once a term.


2. Missing schools: A list of schools missing from the TPAD system in respective Counties should be submitted to the Commission.




3. Mapping of schools: All teachers should be mapped in their respective schools, zones, sub counties and counties respectively.


These rights have been assigned to the County Director and the County ICT officers.


4. A list of teachers yet to appear on TPAD online system should be submitted to the Commission with their TSC numbers and work stations.


Teachers should also create their TPAD accounts and this will remedy this situation.




5. Schools with no administrators: The County Director should assign rights to teachers to act as deputies and heads of institution so as to ensure that the appraisal process is completed at the school level.


6. Cancellation is done when there is inconsistency in the marks allocated and when there is suspicion of collusion between the appraiser and appraisee and is only carried out by the countersigning officer.


There have been cases where the teachers have complained about the cancellation of their appraisals. Therefore, this function should always be done with utmost care and fairness.


7. Reversal: This option has been provided to TSC TPAD system administrators who can reverse a ‘not on duty’ procedure and also theappraisal especially when the teacher has chosen the wrong standards.


a. However, there have been many cases of not on duty which requires the teacher to indicate reasons why they are not on duty such as leaves.




It should be emphasized that the not on duty procedure is not a one off button and therefore cannot be chosen by mistake.


Therefore, teachers should be asked to be keen as they fill in the appraisal.

b. Also recorded are the cases of teachers who have chosen the SNE standards.


Once the case is checked, it is noted that the teachers have already been appraised and even have a TPAD score.


Once an appraisal has been rated by the appraiser it cannot be reversed.

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