Teachers to Form their own Union


Teachers unions now faces threats from Classroom teachers.Sources indicated that classroom teachers from all 47 counties have mobilized themselves to form their  own union;Kenya National Union of Classroom Teachers (KNUCT).



Most teachers blamed the unions for misrepresentation and signing of non beneficial CBA’s by Kuppet and KNUT.Recently teacher’s unions signed non monetary CBA to cover the period of four years after expiry of 2017-2021 CBA which saw administrators reaping large.


Teachers service Commission blamed the COVID-19 for non monetary CBA and following the directives by Salary renumeration commission to pause all salary increments for public servants for two years.

Last month negotiations hit a hard rock when Tsc pulled a shocker at Safari Park hotel. The entrance to negotiations table posed a challenge to union officials; it was dramatic entry.


Apart from Covid-19 certificate, every member was expected to key in Tsc number along side producing their huduma cards to prove their relevance and legitimacy. The harsh requirements threw the unionists to an emergency 1 hour meeting prior to talks at the parking yard. Already Tsc chairperson Dr. Muturi and his team were already at the venue waiting for the other parties.


They were later joined by eight union officials( 5 from Kusnet, 2 from Knut and 1 from Kuppet) who seemed to have met the requirements at the entrance. The chair of the committee called for an adjournment siting quorum hitch; but the eight unionists lobbied for the stranded officials to be enjoined as friends of the negotiating committee.


Those who were enjoined later for short of requirements include Akelo Misori, Secretary general of Kuppet who ceased to me a teacher after his retirement 2 years ago, Omboko Milemba the chair of Kuppet is a retiree of Tsc and on top he had resigned from the commission to seek elective position as member of Parliament of Emuhaya constituency. His counterparts Ronald Tonui and Wambilianga are legislators too. A bunch of Knut officials were ushered in and ordered to remain silent throughout the meeting.


The CBA deal was sealed at 11.30 am after a brief talk by chair of the commission Dr. J. Muturi and C.E.O Dr. Nancy Macharia.


Representatives from the commission rose to leave; but Akello Misori earnestly begged to be allowed to speak for two minutes. He then begged the commission that seemed reluctant to pay attention to him to consider recognizing them as part-time teachers’ servants. He requested for an appointment with the commission in order to put some things in order.


Our team later discovered that majority of national union officials are illegitimate to transact teachers’ affairs since some retired while others resigned to venture into greener pastures. Also some executive secretaries in branches are illegally holding their positions after resigning to give a shot in national politics.


It is now the teachers service commission  to pull the strings to its advantage for teachers lack representations



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