Teachers to miss lessons as from tomorrow, find out the reasons behind it

The Government is determined to make the Kenyan students receive the best Education in the country.


This is despite the harsh economic realities brought about by Covid-19 pandemic.It has ensured that every aspect needed is in place in schools despite the financial constraints.



The teachers are repeatedly getting trained with all unemployed teachers set to be re-trained a fresh by the Ministry of Education.





The teachers are set to be in controversy with the employer.The teachers employer TSC released a circular a few days ago for the head teachers to ensure that all teachers go for vaccines before 23rd August.




However,just a few teachers have been going for the jab since the pressure began.TSC has said that over 200,000 teachers have not got the jab.




Thousands of teachers may miss schools tomorrow and Monday.The threat on salary deduction at the end of August is likely to see teachers thronging the health facilities tomorrow and Monday to get the jab.




The teachers have complained that during the week days,they are in schools and only have weekends to be vaccinated.However, weekends are tricky.




Now that the 23th deadline is fast approaching,the teachers only have few days remaining.As usual,Kenyans are used to the last minute rush.




In order to be safe, thousands of teachers may miss their lessons tomorrow and Monday in order to rush for the vaccine to evade the disciplinary action against them.



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