Teachers to miss this crucial service apart from Salaries after the snab of the Covid-19 jab, check out the details



The Government is scaling up its efforts to see that many Kenyans stay safe from the Covid-19 pandemic.



It has seen strict observation of the containment measures through the law enforcement officers who have ended up leaving some Kenyans dead.





Yesterday,the country sadly lost some 30 lives again due to Covid-19 virus with infections rate staying above 15%.




Unfortunately, Kenyans are still skeptical in following the containment measures set by the Ministry of Health.




The vaccines are already in the country but still the frontline workers do not go for them.This has prompted the Government that has now insisted that all the civil servants and the teachers must now go for the jab.





Speculations are rife that the teachers and civil servants will miss their salaries in case they don’t go for the jab.




Besides the salaries,the teachers are likely to miss some other services that they value so much.





For instance,an employee who misses salary will definately miss the slip too.It is these slips that teachers and civil servants use to go for the short advances from the banks and Saccos.





This may greatly affect the teachers who depend on these advances on monthly basis.




These employees are also likely to miss the services at the county and sub county offices.






For instance,teachers may not be served at the counties and sub Counties until they produce an evidence that shows that they are already vaccinated.This may be a setback to these employees.




What’s your take on the Government’s plan to ensure all Teachers and civil servants are Vaccinated? Feel free to air your opinion and comment in the comments section below.




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