*Teachers To Smile All The Way To The Bank Following A 15 To 20% Salary Increment Confirmed Today*

The teachers service commission and the Knut have embarked on the salary increament talks. The Knut has proposed that the teachers should have an increase of 15 to 20%.


Earlier last year the Knut signed a non monetary cba which saw the teachers get a perternity leave for the male teachers.



This was countered with alot of criticism from the teachers. The secretary General Collins Oyuu was also condemned for the step he took to sign the non monetary cba.



The teaching profession has undergone various reforms which are good to teachers. But the commission has failed to remunerate the teachers in proper manner.



If they can remunerate the teachers just like the other sectors, there will be witnessed alot of improvements in the education sector.



Some years back, teachers were always on the roads striking, demanding on better pay or payrise.



It is good that the strikes were averted and now the bargaining on the teachers salaries will bear fruits soon.


Teachers have hope that this time round all shall go well and the payrise they are demanding will be effected. We wish all teachers the very best.



We shall update you on the progress of this issue.

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