Teachers unhappy with health service provider due to the following reasons, Find out the detailed report below

A recently released survey, teachers are very unhappy with the MINET medical scheme. This follows to continued decline of the medical scheme offered by MINET by KUPPET union.


As schools were opened fully last month, TSC carried out a survey study to ascertain the level at which schools were prepared to receive learners back in all levels after closure of one year. That is from pp1 to standard 8 and from one to form four.



The survey report of Teachers preparedness for term one 2021-2022 school reopening indicated that out of 100% of teachers only 39% had benefited from the medical scheme. 60% of the teachers complained of poor customer service, 29% complained of the available health facilities being far away making them inaccessible most of the times and 7% had a complain the low amount that is being assigned to them. Others complained that the hospitals they visited didn’t have drugs.



The report did not cover the long pre authorization period that MINET demanded that has resulted to high number of teachers succumb to illness while awaiting for approval of their hospitalization at the participating health facility.


There are other challenges that teachers are experiencing that the report didn’t cover are

  • Lack of chronic disease management hospitalization for therapy
  • Lack of constant push and pull between NHIF and MINET in offsetting surgery bills
  • Poor services for Ear, Nose and Throat in ill-equipped MINET facilities.



On additional to the above mentioned problems is the dignified treatment teachers face during discharge from MINET care facilities. MINET always takes very long periods to authorize the payments that makes unions to intervene to enable teachers released from hospitals.


On 26th July 2021 during the release of the report in KICSD headquarters, TSC secretary Dr. Nancy Macharia was not happy for the findings. This made her to threaten to review the contract with MINET unless MINET addressed the shortcoming with immediate effect to TSCs satisfaction. MINET however didn’t  carry the burden alone but projected to the third party which is the  health facilities.

Do you think that MINET is giving quality services to teachers or  not? feel free to share you view below in the comment section


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