Teacher’s workload under scrutiny as TSC directs principals to update TMIS

The current TSC leadership has always been on the run to make sure that the system is clean, safe and with high status of transparency and accountability in terms of it’s work output.




The system has been faced with a lot of adverse changes, one of which is the creation of a Teacher Management Information System (TMIS) website for updating of school programs and details like those of teachers workloads, student enrollment, teachers on further studies and the school geographical status.




The urgent updates on the portal is as urgent as received, as reports are already out that majority of teachers have lower lesson allocations and workloads, something that quarantee the school heads to give vivid explanations over the same.




According to TSC’s plans and strategies, the teacher should have a minimum of 25 lessons per week, which must entail at least two teaching subjects on the side of Secondary School teachers, and the primary school counterparts to be allocated all the six main subjects.



Though it sounds like the workload aforementioned is way above the conveniencies associated with daily lesson preparations the teacher has to undertake, the workload for single-streamed schools might suffer a big blow instead.




In such schools, the teachers with optional subject allocations might not meet the minimum threshold of 25 lessons, not unless they teach the whole school to have a maximum of 28 lessons.



However, the employer has no option but to scrutinize all it’s employees in whichever way, so as to have an equal working environment in the teaching profession.



According to the exclusive reports from reliable sources, the update of these details is urgently required, and therefore principals are under pressure to activate the locked accounts so as to access the portal to fill the required data by capturing the school details with utmost care before the time elapse.




How the details of teachers with lower workloads could be entered to reach the minimum requirement is still a hard nut to crack for some schools heads. Hope TSC will reconsider its stand for such teachers.



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