The following 116,024 secondary school teachers will receive training in CBC Grade Nine in January 2023

George Magoha, the cabinet secretary for education, has announced that the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) teacher training program is scheduled to begin in January 2023.


According to Magoha, who exuded confidence that CBC wouldn’t be eliminated by the incoming administration, plans have been established to assure its continuation under both the incoming administration and any succeeding ones.



According to Magoha, the construction of the 11,600 new classrooms that will house junior secondary students is 90% complete, and grade seven and grade eight instructors have been trained.



“We have already trained teachers who are going to teach in junior secondary schools while the incoming government will train Grade Nine teachers in January to foster the implementation of CBC,” revealed Magoha.


116 024 secondary school teachers will be the focus of the grade 9 training in January. 60,000 instructors were trained, according to Magoha, and more teachers will be trained this term and next term.


The next administration will complete the mission once more than 10 million youngsters have registered in the curriculum, the CS claims, and instructors have been trained to implement CBC.


“The current government has invested a lot of resources in CBC and with more than 10 million children having been enrolled, the next regime can’t think of abolishing it,” said Prof Magoha.

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