The following 73 teachers have been fired by TSC following todays TSC Announcement. Checkout the names below

A total of list of 73 deregistered teachers as of July 2022 has been made public by the Teachers Service Commission.


These teachers were found guilty of misappropriating cash, violating an unbearable code of conduct, acting immorally, and being absent frequently. According to TSC bmthey had violated the rules and code of conduct as a result.


The Commission seeks to publish the names of instructors who have been struck from the Register of Teachers in accordance with section 30 of the TSC Act (2012). Additionally, these teachers are prohibited from teaching in any type of educational institution by law. declared TSC.


A teacher can be deregistered by The Teachers Service Commission if he/she:




Has Obtained registration fraudulently

Is convicted of a sexual offence or an offence against a learner

Is convicted of a criminal offence which renders the person unfit to be a teacher

Has been found unfit to teach following disciplinary proceedings

Has Suffered from physical or mental illness or infirmity which renders the person incapable of performing the duties of a teacher.


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