The following categories of kcse 2020 candidates will miss courses of their choice ahead of tomorrow announcement of KUCCPS result , find out why



Reports from reliable sources indicate that over 700, 000 students are placed in various private or public higher learning institutions.This will free them from tension they have been having for quite some good time.




The KCSE 2020 candidates will on Tuesday know the universities they will join and the courses. A total of 747,161 sat the exam, with 143,140 candidates making the cut-off mark of C+ (plus) and above.




They are eligible for government sponsorship across 500-degree programs in public and private universities.The number is an increase from 2019 where 125,746 students qualified for university places.






The ministry has since send a directory to all media houses, showing the students how to know where they’re set to join this coming semester. If you applied or didn’t apply no need to worry as the government has placed both the categories of students.





Unluckily some students are likely to miss their chosen courses due to the following reasons:

1. Stiff competition due to the huge number of candidates who made it to the higher learning institutions.




2., Delayed application or revision. This may disadvantage some who filled later on as those who filled earlier may be given that opportunity first. This is why KUCCPS has taken long this time in placing candidates and releasing the placement results.



3.Filling the alternative courses in the several institutions. This will be a challenge as one may fill several alternative courses, and end up being selected to only one. Some who had filled the alternative courses as their first choice may end up missing on them as a result of this.



Meanwhile we wish all the candidates who qualified get their results and prepare well to join the higher learning institutions. Those



Besides,there is still an opportunity to carry inter institutions transfers or enroll as self sponsored.



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