The following Section of Teachers likely to lose their jobs as the Ministry of education makes this major announcements

It is always very painful to look for a permanent job o as well as lose the same job after a while.



However,Covid-19 pandemic has subjected Kenyans to this state of loosing one job and looking for the other.Unfortunately, this other job is normally hard to come by.



The Government is determined to make the students achieve the best in schools.Achieving this is not easy since it calls for some total financial sacrifice and support which can be seen as burdensome.



For a school to be issued with a certificate of operation, it must meet all the minimum requirements needed.  Failure to meet the requirements, the schools will be definitely closed.


These schools definitely have teachers employed permanently and on BOM terms. The question is where will they go?



In the latest released statement, the Ministry is targeting more than 3000 schools. The types of the schools that are going to be targeted  and get closed are those that do not have the minimum number of learners required by the ministry of education, lack of enough infrastructures and piece of land.



He also added that the authority of registering schools will be solely taken back to Ministry of education with individual selected stakeholders given the major role to  play in registration.




During the year 2019, thousands of learners were made to look for new schools when their respective schools were closed .


This was because the  Ministry of Education had given directive of closure of all schools  which were operating without legal registration.



For this year- 2021, schools operating by employing teachers who are not registered by Teacher Service Commission(TSC) ,schools with structures that do not make  the learners learning environment good and also having more learners enrolled without any approval will be experiencing this closure crackdown by making their current license invalid.



This message has left many teachers teaching in these schools with a lot of worries without knowing what next for their lives.



Requirements for registering an examination centre by KNEC in kenya


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