The Following Teachers Must Enroll for PGDE In Order To Be Permanently Employed

According to TSC, Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) is  professional program of study offered to those who intend to teach or administer diverse educational programs but have not gone through the required professional training in education.

This course takes  one-year   to study for those who already hold a tertiary degree. It provides an in-depth exploration of topics and competencies that are required for teachers in diverse educational environments.

Also note that the  program helps the participants to critically plan, design, and implement educational programs that cater to diverse learning preferences and contexts.

The process of hiring, firing and registration of teachers are under the control of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). As a result , it is essential to make sure you satisfy the commission’s minimum standards to avoid finding yourself in a difficult situation after completing your PGDE studies.

The teachers can only enroll for a PGDE if they pursued a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree and dream of becoming a secondary school teacher in Kenya.

One can confirm this by   going through latest TSC registration qualifications where the commission expressly states that holders of relevant Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees shall only be considered for employment as secondary school teachers in Kenya after completing their PGDE course.

As per to TSC requirements for secondary teachers, you can also register for the PGDE if you want to have a career as a technical teacher in a relevant area.

TSC PGDE Requirements for those with technical qualifications

Incase you are taking it in the hope that it will help you to secure a job as a high school teacher after graduating.

  1. Have scored a mean grade of C+ in your O levels.
  2. Must hold a Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Science degree from a recognized university in Kenya
  3.  must have obtained a C+ grade (minimum) in the two teaching subjects you want to specialize in.


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