The following teachers should be happy as they expect salary increment backdated to July

Most of the prominent people in our country are the fruit of hard work put in by most of the teachers of our country.


Teachers are the founders of success in most people. They work extra hard to lay a good foundation in every child. Since the past years, teachers have always been seen on the streets complaining about their salary hike.


This is because teachers are paid less than other civil servants. Teachers in Kenya signed a new CBA favoring classroom teachers.

However, at the moment, the CBA has not worked as the SRC has canceled all the CBAs for the next two years.


Teachers Service Commission now sends good news to all P1 teachers who are in grade B5.


The commission is now ready to increase the salary of teachers by 6,000 shillings. The commission will refund the increment of July 2021.


The salary hike will act as a boost to teachers during the period of this covid 2019 pandemic, when most Kenyans suffered from hard economic times.


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