The monthly pay promise of 6k is a total lie to voters, Mudavadi warns Kenyans

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi rejected ODM leader Raila Odinga’s promise of a 6k-a-month stipend to poor families, if elected, calling it “sweet words from politicians that are practically impossible.”


Mudavadi, the 2022 presidential candidate, who spoke to a congregation at the Quakers Friends International Center on Ngong Road on Sunday, said even if the welfare program were implemented, it would increase the burden of taxpayers.


“How these politicians, where a social welfare economy model is promised by getting 6K, where is that money going to come from, it is a lie to woo voters but it cannot be implemented and if it is achieved If you go, the tax will be imposed on you Kenyans,” the ANC leader said on Sunday.


According to Mudavadi, Kenyans should be wary of bribery, handouts and empty promises that are unlikely to be fulfilled.


“As we approach the next general elections, we must give good to this country, we should not be reassured by handouts, bribes or sweet words from politicians who promise you practically impossible things,” he said. They said.


Meanwhile, ODM leader Raila Odinga has insisted that the welfare program will become a reality when he will be elected as the  Kenya’s fifth president


During a visit to Turkana in October, Odinga said that his plan to offer Ksh6,000 monthly to poor families and youth would go a long way in bridging the poverty gap.


He followed it up at a public rally in Kamakunji, saying the welfare scheme aims to reach at least 8 million people in just one year after its implementation.


“We have a plan to ensure that we revive the economy and Kenya to progress. If I am asked to continue this effort we can and I am ready.”


The former prime minister said the program is viable and will be funded by sealing all the corruption loopholes through which Kenya loses money.


Do you think that the promise from baba is reality or just sweet words to lure Kenyans to vote him in? Feel free to share your thoughts.



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