The procedure of checking KUCCPS placement 2020/2021

Before students prepare to sit for their end year exam which is Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KCSE) they always do their initial application for Degree and Diploma courses. After the the results of the examination is released, the students always get another chance to do a first and second revision of their choices on their own directly in the KUCCPS students portal. On Monday, the CS of education had an official launch the opening of the KUCCPS portal so that the students would get the chance to start the first revision and application process for University and College placement through the sponsorship of the government.

This portal will be opened from 24th My 2021 to 11th June 2021 and KUCCPS through its website it invites all the KCSE candidates to apply and revise their courses and institution of choices. This body also set the minimum mean grade entry requirements for various levels that is ;

  • Artisan mean grade of E
  • Craft courses mean grade of D plain
  • Diploma course C minus
  • Degree course C plus

Candidates who sat for the KCSE examination last year 2020 and attained a  mean grade of C plus and above will have a big chance of applying for placement over 200,000 available capacities in all universities all over the country for the government sponsorship. Those who who remains irrespective of the year when they sat for the KCSE examination, will have an opportunity to apply for placement in slots over 400,000 for government sponsorship in TVET institutions.

After successful application and revision exercise, KUCCPS will definitely display the institution where students has been selected in the student portal. For you to check on the institution you have been selected by KUCCPS ,here are the steps to follow:

-Log into the KUCCPS students portal using this link

  •   Here you will be required to have the following details so that you can successfully log in to the portal.
  • You must have your full KCSE INDEX NUMBER which has 11 digits
  • The KCSE year you sat for your exam e.g. 2019
  • The password which is your birth certificate number or Full KCPE index number

After ensuring you have the above mentioned details enter them in their respective position and click login, this will automatically open a window displaying a congratulatory message indicating the course and the institution you are successfully placed in.

Sometimes you may not find this message but this should not discourage you. You will still have the chance to revise for your course choices again during the second revision process that coincides with the first revision data. This second revision is only applicable when you fail to be selected in the first revision.

When you miss to do the second revision of courses, the placement  stakeholders who are in charge of the exercise will have to check if you qualify  to be selected in any of the choices made during the registration period towards the end of form four.

The highest priority is always given to the first three choices i.e. 1a,1b and 1c and capacity that is provided by each institution per course. This placement service will  either place you in any of the other remaining choices in option 2 or 3 or 4 that will depend on the popularity of the course in any of the institution all over the country with the same cluster points. Failure  to succeed in any of the above  cases, then one will placed in any course in any institution even if  you never applied for it.

After  the successful placement process, one will have to  visit the respective website for the university which he or she  is placed in and download the admission letter. 

For any queries you can contact KUCCPS for the purpose of placement service  contact KUCCPS through these channels;

Tel No:0205137400

Phone number:0723954927 or  0734879662

You can also join our Facebook group: TEACHERS NEWS UPDATE  using the link or our telegram channel for timely updates about teachers and also download  teaching materials for free using this link:

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