The Race for Kitutu Chache South Constituency Member of Parliament 2022, who is the favourite candidate, check out the statistics

Following the announcement made by Hon. Richard Momoima Onyonka that he will be running for the prestigious Governor’s seat in Kisii county has attracted more interest by many.

Those who wish to succeed Hon Onyonka include a well-known politician, Honorable Mochoge, former Kisii Mayor Samwel Omwando, businessman Don Bosco Gichana, Leo Obweri Matundura, Antony Kibagendi,  Dr. Andrew Maubi, former Gusii district council chairman James Ogutu, Sebastian Nyakundi, Pius Aboki Bwongeri and Abuga.

In 2017  Dr. Maubi ventured into politics world by contesting in the race  to become the Mp of KCSC. Most people were not able believe the decision he had made.

Despite of  he being new in the field, he emerged the 4th behind Hon. Antony kibagendi and Hon. Omwando who took position 2 and 3 respectively. Despite Pius Aboki making a decision to vie for MP, residents of Kitutu chache are still doubtful of his candidature given his defeat at MCA level.

Time has really passed and now with 2022 approaching the election year, this coveted seat has made the above contestants start planning on individual strategies on how to emerge a winner.

Information from reliable sources reveals that serious competition will be among the top 5 candidates, Dr. Maubi, Hon Kibagendi, Hon. Owando, Leo Matundura and Don Bosco Gichana but the candidate to be the winner is Dr. Andrew Maubi.

With the residents of Kitutu chache south having much need to get solutions to the problems they are experiencing at the moment.

The candidate who will emerge with the best solutions will indeed have an upper hand to glory.

The problems of Kitutu Chache South residents include:

1. Insecurity and increased crime rates due to lack of lighting in the streets.

2.poor road transport and infrastructure among the wards.

3. Lack of adequate and clean water accessible to all residents of the constituency

4. Increased cases of unemployment among the youths.

5. Lack of enough social services centres for the elderly and vulnerable residents in the constituency.

6. Lack of equity in distribution of CDF funds to all wards in the constituency

7. Lack of enough health facilities in the constituency

8. Lack of fair and credible distribution of bursaries funds to the needy students in the constituency.

9. Poor distribution of electricity  network in all wards and many more.

The candidates contesting now have a big and hard task ahead  of them to convince the kitutu chache south residents to vote them in as their next MP.

Coming up with manifestos that will address these problems of the residents, indeed it will  engineer a win for anyone.

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