These are Highly Marketable Courses For Students Who Scored Cs in 2022 KCSE

Just before enrolling in a university, college, or technical institution, quite a number of students lack the basic knowledge required to choose a career path after high school.


The major issues is that many of them are inexperienced with the courses given by higher education institutions.


These students are also unaware that meeting the cut-off points for admission to a college or university does not imply that you are qualified to take all of the courses offered by such institutions.


Equally a limit, is set by your average score and the KCSE subjects you registered.

Challenge arises during course selection, when students are presented with a broad list of possibilities from which to choose only a few without having a thorough understanding of what’s in it for them.


You may not be able to get into one of Kenya’s premier higher education institutions with a C, C-, or C+, but all hope is not lost.


Courses for students who scored C s


Here are few intriguing C+ aggregate applications that can be used in today’s business.


These courses have a lot of employment openings in these businesses because there are a lot of them.


Bachelor of Business Administration

It is of the most popular courses among C+ students is this one.


With today’s corporate world, taking risks and gaining experience in this industry provides you an advantage. This course, on the other hand, has been shown to be beneficial when used in conjunction with related programs such as CPA, ACCA, CFA, and CIFA.


This Course’s Requirements


Have English and Mathematics, a mean grade of C+ (Plus) in KCSE C (Plain).

A bachelor’s degree in community development is available.


Many nonprofits, such as World Vision, are currently in need of community development experts, particularly because most of them work with people and communities and require people who are familiar with society’s difficulties and challenges.


This Course’s Requirements


In the KCSE C, a mean grade of C+ (Plus) was achieved.


Sociology bachelor’s degree


It contains a mix of human and social information that is required for developing attitudes, managing people, and crafting policy decisions.


The Human rights, ethics, marriages, tribalism, nepotism, child labor, and unemployment are all issues that experts in this profession can manage. In reality, in today’s environment, this education is essential.


This Course’s Requirements


The minimum of A C+ (Plus) average in the KCSE .


Bachelor of Education

One of the most popular occupations in the world, not only in Kenya.


Following the ever-increasing demand for education and schooling, teachers will always be in high demand. You can teach in both public and private universities if you have the right subject mix.


This Course’s Requirements


KCSE Diploma in Architecture, the average mark was C+ (Plus).

Architecture is another C+ (Plus) course that you should not overlook.


Degree in Architecture


The Kenyan country is one of the fastest-growing countries in terms of infrastructure, necessitating the hiring of architects.


Best news is that you don’t have to be working to succeed in this sector. You can work as a freelancer or build your own business and work on a contract basis.


This Course’s Requirements


With mathematics, youget a C+ (plus).

Physics: C+ (Plus)

Any Group III topic (CRE/IRE/HRE, Geography, History) with a C+ (Plus).

Kenyan C (Plain) Marketable Course.


The most popular C (Plain) courses are listed below.

Hospitality Management Diploma

It is of the best courses to take is Hospitality Management.




This Course’s Requirements


In either of the two of the following categories, get a C- (minus). Biology, English/Kiswahili, and Chemistry are all in Category A. Home science, biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, and English/Kiswahili are all in Category B.


Software Engineering Diploma

With the strong demand for this subject, pursuing a diploma in it would be one of the finest possibilities.


A number of businesses are going to the internet, which need regular software and system upgrades in order to maintain optimal performance.


One can work with huge companies like Safaricom, Google, and Facebook if you develop experience and good talents in this field.


This Course’s Requirements


In mathematics, D (Plain)

In English, D- (minus) or kiswahili


Diploma in Health and Nutrition

Incase you have a passion for medical and healthcare courses, it is one of the great programs you can do with a C.


It is diploma is offered from a number of private and public universities in Kenya.


With studies in Nutrition and Healthcare, you will be equipped with knowledge and skills about public health and nutrition. Consequently you will be able to educate society on medical conditions as well as offer culinary guidance.


Basic minimum Requirements for this Course:


mean grade of C (Plain) in KCSE

Have a C (Plain) in any two subjects in the following categories: Category A (Home science, biology, chemistry, and agriculture). Category B (Home science, geography, biology, physics, and agriculture)

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

It is popular and marketable due to the high demand for power and electronic technology. Professionals in this field can work for companies such as KPLC, Bamburi Cement, and KenGen.


Requirements for this Course:


Have a C (plain) in Mathematics and Physics

Diploma in Pharmacy

It is marketable too.Having a diploma in this course, you can work in big pharmacies around the country or beyond and earn yourself a decent income at the end of every month.


Basic Requirements for this Course:


Have a C (Plain) in English, Biology, Physics, and Kiswahili.

List of C- (Minus) Marketable Courses in KenyaThose candidates who obtain a C- in their KCSE can enrol in one of the institutes that provide diploma or certificate programs. This grade will allow you to enrol in one of the following high-paying diploma programs.


Diploma in Human Resource Management

Under this profession is exceedingly competitive in today’s corporate institutional arrangements. Human resource experts play an important role in the decision-making process of a corporation.


Requirements for this Course:


A mean grade of C- (Minus) in KCSE

Diploma in Tourism Management

Following statistics, our country Kenya is one of the most loved tourism destinations in Africa. If you’re interested in tourism you can enrol in this course and delve deeper into it, ultimately reaching your goals.


Having diploma in this course, You will be able to work in Kenya’s tourism sector or even internationally when you get more skills in tourism management.


Basic Requirements for this Course


C (Plain) in Biology, Business/Computer, History/Geography, Biological Sciences, and English/Foreign languages.

C- (Minus) in Mathematics

Diploma in Web and Graphic Design

It is one of the most sought-after skills in today’s digital market. Many companies are constantly looking for great web developers to assist them in improving and maintaining their web applications and IT departments.


Basic Requirements for this Course:


Have a mean grade of C- (Minus) in KCSE)

You Must have studied Computer studies

Have a mean grade of C- in Kiswahili and English or any other 2 subjects

Diploma in Finance and Accounting

Basic Requirements for this Course:


Have a D- (Minus) in Mathematics

Have a D- (Minus) in Kiswahili and English

Diploma in Sales and Marketing

Starting from knowing your audience to managing social media channels to adverts and to implementation, sales and marketing have to be one of the top careers in Kenya.


Having a chance to earn extra money through commissions and bonuses when you achieve your targets, this is an industry you can grow and advance.


Basic Requirements for this Course:


Have a D+ (Plus) in English

Have a D+ in Mathematics/Economics/Business/Commerce


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