These are23 Most Marketable Courses In Kenya that every kcse 2022 candidates should consider during Kuccps selection process for june and September intake


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Medicine has always been and continues to be the most marketable course in the country. If you have enough time and money to enroll in the course, go ahead and do it.



However, keep in mind that a passion for the medical field is required. Otherwise, the course can be exhausting.


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Students can major in a variety of fields such as surgery, dentistry, homoeopathic medicine, medical laboratory technology, physiotherapy, and medical science.



With a scarcity of qualified and specialized doctors, Kenya offers numerous opportunities to outstanding holders of medical degrees.



2. Digital marketing



While traditional marketing courses emphasize traditional methods, digital marketing focuses on selling products and services in today’s digital space.


This includes platforms such as social media, email, websites, and video platforms. Companies will need more people to create marketing content and strategies for the digital space as they transition from traditional selling to marketing through digital platforms.


3. Agriculture and related studies


A growing number of Kenyan students are realizing that the way we grow food in the country is unsustainable and that the agricultural sector can be quite profitable.


As a result, pursuing an agriculture-related course opens up a world of possibilities.


This is one of the courses that has the potential to have a significant impact on society. Simply put, people will always want to eat, and agriculture plays a crucial role in food production.


4. Bachelor of Commerce plus CFA


A Bachelor of Commerce degree is not particularly appealing in modern-day Kenya. Add a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation, and you’ve got something.


Insurance and risk management, finance and banking, accounting, marketing, human resource management, and entrepreneurship are the most common options for Bachelor of Commerce students.


5. Nursing


Nursing is one of the most marketable, albeit difficult, professions to pursue. These healthcare professionals collaborate with doctors and clinicians to ensure that patients receive the appropriate medical care.


As the country’s population grows and people become more health-conscious, the country’s healthcare needs continue to grow. There will always be a need for nurses in both private and public health facilities.


6. Journalism


The fourth estate has played an important role in Kenyan politics and is still shaping the country’s future.


A degree in journalism will allow you to work as a news reporter, editor, or even start your own blog.


A degree in Journalism also provides an understanding of several fields, such as the history and ethics of journalism, as well as the techniques used to create digital, broadcast, and print content.


The growth of social media platforms has provided journalists with numerous opportunities. Social media news, updates, and interview shows are just a few of the opportunities available to course participants.


7. Project Management


This course provides the necessary skills for effectively and efficiently planning, organizing, and executing projects. Those who study it will learn how to manage projects and strategies within a company.


Kenya, as a developing country, will always have ongoing projects in both the private and public sectors.


8. Special needs education


Education for people with special needs A degree in special needs education allows you to work as a daycare teacher, special education teacher, or even as a school administrator.


The course prepares students to teach children with learning disabilities and other challenges. Autistic children, the deaf, the blind, and the mentally and physically challenged are among those who qualify.


Kenya, like many other countries, is said to have a shortage of special needs teachers. This presents an opportunity for those who possess the necessary skills.


9. Marketing


If you’re the type of person who can sell ice to an Eskimo, then a marketing course and career path are for you.


Marketing is a broad term that essentially entails devising strategies to get a service or product purchased by the target market.


Every service provider and product manufacturer has the same primary goal: to sell their service or product.


Qualified marketers will always have a place in these organizations as long as they can help the company’s product or service move.


10. Law


If you are interested in the justice system, a law course is unquestionably your best bet. Lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals are needed in both the private and public sectors.


There will always be business-to-business, business-to-state, business-to-individual, business-to-individual, and business-to-individual disputes that necessitate legal intervention.


11. Computer Science


You’ve probably figured out by now that computer and IT-related jobs are very marketable in Kenya. As a result, computer science is one of the most popular courses among technology enthusiasts.


The course is quite broad, covering a wide range of topics related to the design, implementation, and maintenance of various computer systems and technologies.


Computerized systems are now used in a variety of industries for record-keeping, service delivery, and quality control, among other things.


As a result, computer science will always be in demand. Furthermore, with this degree, one can pursue a variety of ventures.


12. Computer security & forensics


A computer security and forensics expert is the digital equivalent of a traditional law enforcement detective and analyst.


A degree holder in this field is responsible for searching for and analyzing evidence from network overrides, computer hacks, and data breaches.


This will then assist in solving the crime or preventing another one from occurring. Cybercrime is on the rise as the world becomes more interconnected.


To mitigate these threats, organizations, governments, and individuals are constantly in need of qualified individuals.


13. Information Technology (IT)


A degree in information technology is quite broad and provides learners with a wide range of opportunities in today’s world.


Database management, programming, website design, and system analysis are just a few of the topics covered in the course.


It is without a doubt one of the best courses for students interested in self-employment or freelance work. Furthermore, numerous organizations are constantly in need of skilled IT professionals.


14. Logistics and procurement


This course focuses on lowering operating costs, maintaining proper inventory, and analyzing cons inefficiencies.


Organizations are always looking for people who can help them cut costs, increase revenue, and maximize profits.


Because of the interdependence of various organizations, there will always be items that need to be purchased and transported to and from a company.


This means that procurement and logistics professionals will always be in high demand.


15. Real estate management


For quite some time, the Kenyan real estate market has been on the rise. This is demonstrated by the numerous real estate advertisements.


The course is only available at a few universities, which contributes to its overall marketability. Graduates can find employment in fintech, construction, real estate marketing, and mortgage firms.


The Kenyan real estate sector continues to show growth potential, which means that job opportunities in the sector may continue to grow.


16. Mathematics/Statistics


As the demand for data scientists grows, so does the demand for mathematicians. Kenya requires statisticians primarily to work in research institutions and universities.


Mathematics is a good option if you are certain that data science is not your strong suit.


If mathematics does not work out, statistics can be used as a backup plan. Statistics and probability are also useful in a variety of jobs, including risk analyst, project manager, and even economist.


17. Geospatial Engineering


With the rapid growth in demand for location-based services and mobile technology, geospatial engineering has grown in popularity.


The course entails mapping our environment using satellite imagery. Many businesses and institutions that require mapping as part of their research projects use this knowledge to quickly obtain information from remote areas.


This course is in high demand in the public, private, and academic sectors, as well as in research institutions.


18. Leadership and Management


Leadership and management is another popular course in Kenya. Leadership and management are becoming more important, particularly in the private sector, where employers are looking for qualified individuals to manage their employees.


Leadership and management degree will prepare you to work as a team leader, manager, or even start your own business.


Managers are in high demand in both the public and private sectors.


19. Hospitality Management


With the expansion of the tourism and hospitality industries, the demand for qualified personnel to manage hotels, restaurants, and other related establishments is high.


As more people visit our country, there is a high demand in both the public and private sectors.


20. Quantity Surveying


The increased development of infrastructure has resulted in a greater demand for quantity surveyors who can work on construction sites.


This is very popular in the public and private sectors, as well as in the construction industry.


21. Civil Engineering


Road, bridge, and other related infrastructure construction has played a significant role in Kenya’s economic growth by contributing to GDP.


A degree in civil engineering will ensure that you have a job as an engineer or that you can work for yourself, handling both public and private construction work.


22. Monitoring and evaluation


This is commonly referred to as M&E. The course equips students with the tools they need to plan, design, and implement projects.




More specifically, M&E is used to allocate and reallocate resources to achieve the best possible results.


The monitoring aspect provides the necessary information, whereas the evaluation aspect assists a company in understanding what progress has been made in each program.


Companies will always want to know how to best allocate their limited resources, which makes an M&E course holder very marketable.


23. Business information technology


It integrates modern information technology into the traditional business structure, as the course title suggests.


Today, the majority of businesses have embraced digital transformation. These organizations frequently require experts who can create innovative IT solutions and integrate them into existing business models in order to increase efficiency, revenue, and profit.


No modern business can avoid the current wave of technology. It’s a “shape up or ship out” situation. As a result, those with a business information technology degree are in high demand.

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