This is what Students Without NEMIS UPI Numbers will face that will make every parent and school heads to worry

The country’s school populations are increasing on yearly basis.Every year,the country has to record a higher number of students in schools as compared to the previous years.



These numbers range from pre-schools,primary schools through to secondary schools.





The Government has rescued many students with the free primary and free day secondary schools’ fees.




The capitation fees has helped many students from the poor families in achieving their dreams.





Last week,the schools received the disbursements of money which will greatly help in the development of the infrastructure and the facilities needed in schools





Some headteachers in primary schools have hesitated in registering the students for the NEMIS numbers.




The ongoing form one registration has revealed a lot about this.On 5th August,Nation Digital News splendidly explained how many form one students have ended up being denied their school choices.





The students who will not have the NEMIS Numbers will continue suffering.Apart from denying them the schools of choice.




Lack of these essential UPIs numbers  is likely to be a much problem for the government in identifying the exact schools where these children’s capitation fees should be sent to.





However,the most unfortunate thing is the fact that they will miss their schools of choice.The Headteachers should hence ensure that every child is captured in the NEMIS system and should have the UPI number





At the same time,the parents should also ensure that the school heads register their children to NEMIS so as to avoid delays in disbursements of fees to learners





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