*Three important tricks every candidate should apply to pass KCSE /KCPE 2021 National examination*

The Kenya national examination is the last test that is conducted to all candidates in both primary and secondary schools to mark the end of a full academic year and the 8-4-4 steps.


For the case of primary schools, learners in standard eight do the Kenya Certificate of primary Examination, KCPE.


Candidates in secondary schools are subjected to the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination, KCSE. For class eight learners, after the KCPE exams, they subjected to attainment of promotion to secondary schools and for form four leaners, they create chances to join colleges, universities and other vacationals.




The main or rather KCPE and KCSE examinations requires a learner to be well equiped with knowledge before stepping into an exam room for the examinations. This requires that a learner has prepare well through serious revisions.


Before I take you through the tricks that candidates can apply to ensure that they pass or do well in their final exams, let me remind you of the importances of passing or doing perfect in these examinations.


If a candidate performs well at primary level in his/her KCPE exams, chances are so much high that the student will secure a school with high standards like the national schools, provinsionals and others.

Also performing well can secure you a scholarship whereby you pose a relief to your parents in terms of fee payment and other expenses.


At form four level, when a candidate attains a good grade one has high opportunity to join Universities and benefit from the government funds as well as scholarships. One can even study from abroad.


Now that you have read through the importances of performing well in the main examinations, let now handle our title. Three tricks to pass the 2022 KCPE and KCSE exams.


1. Thorough Revision

Thorough revision simply means touching from all areas that are examinable. Handle as a many questions as you can from all subjects starting from class one or form one.


1. Maximum Consultation from teachers and other learners.

Make good use of teachers, and other students who knows much better than what you may be knowing. This will keep your memory awake and recall very fast what you have been told by a teacher or fellow learner.


3. Never Panic

Try as much as you can and avoid what we call exam fever. Have courange and try to recall what you have learnt, revised. Take out that fear, be cinfident that you can and you will pass.


Share this information widely to help that class eight candidate and form four candidate too. Best wishes to all candidates in the country.


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