Top 10 Degree courses that are always in demand in Kenya and the world at large


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The workforce is  constantly an important thing that one needs to have  and having a degree is a great asset ever . It  keeps on changing day by day as the technology and skills needed to succeed in the world of business  evolve, slowly and sometimes rapidly, over a given period of to time.

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Having  that in mind, young people entering colleges, technical institutes and universities widely asks themselves much questions on  how the degree they earn might help them in the jobs market once they complete.



To answer the aforementioned question above, in this article we are going to list the the courses that one need to enroll to so as he or she avoid long tarmacking in act of looking for a job after graduating in Kenya and the broader world. The provided list of courses will help you make an informed decision.


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Degree in Information Technology and s Sciences

With technological growth, comes IT experts. Most of  Companies will always require someone to handle all their IT work making a degree or diploma in IT very marketable and highly demanded course in Kenya . Through this then this is  the best course you can pursue.
The course is offered in many Kenyan Universities and colleges like, JKUAT university, Maseno University, University of Nairobi, Kenyatta Universities  and many more




Finance and Accounting


The corporate world will always need accountants and financial experts. A graduate having the necessary requirements in this particular field will be highly in demand hence making him or her have a job easily.


 Degree in Health Sciences


Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Clinical sciences fall under this category, These courses are always on demand in both  Kenya  and the whole the world. In most cases these courses are always described by learners to be among the toughest ones but their demands are always increasing daily. This is quite abnormal since  the number of students enrolling for the courses are less in number.


 Architecture Degree

With an increase in the number of Kenyans investing in real estate, and the rise in the number of real estate firms in the country, services of Architects are on a higher demand. A degree in Architecture takes 7 years in Kenyan Universities. Once a students finishes , he or she is guaranteed a job opportunity.



Bachelor of Commerce and Statistics Degree

The Bachelor of Commerce program and Statistics is a highly demanded course which prepares you for a career in accounting, banking, financial management, information systems and management. Through this, one is able to acquire the necessary skills that are required in the respective workplaces



It  is considered one of the hardest courses to pursue in Kenya but  it is also among the courses that will always be in demand in Kenya . A degree in Engineering takes 5 years to complete the course. Graduating with this certificate be guaranteed that there is jobs waiting you outside.



 Communication Sciences

Personalities with the ability to draw viewership or mass audiences have found a home in the media. Journalism is a field with a broad and highly demanded opportunities e.g. anchors, editors, presenters, hosts, reporters etc.. Make a decision of enrolling for this type of course since their is job market ready out there.


Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

Engaging effectively with customers, partners and the wider community is a vital part of business for most organizations. Public relations and social media experts research, design and implement campaigns, help drive the strategic direction of organizations and ensure that messages reach their intended audience by using the most appropriate communications channel.



Software Engineering

Many people confuse a web development with a software engineering. The two may be related, but they are different professions. Soft engineer is the professional who programs and designs computer system software. They develop program such as embedded system, database system, and operating system and so on. Sometimes they are known as system engineers or system programmers.

Bachelor of Law

Law plays an important part in all areas of life. The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) offers an education that leads to a wide range of careers both inside and outside the legal profession. Through the study of law, you will gain a skill set that meets the high demands of many legal careers, including analytical and research skills, knowledge of the law and its implications, social appreciation, public responsibility and communication skills.





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