Top 5 Little Known but Most Marketable Certificate courses on Demand in Kenya Today

The basic advantage for earning a certificate is to gain essential skills and knowledge that make you more employable that those without .

As a matter of fact , as some certificate courses in Kenya offer students a promising career opportunity,there are  others that  lack value in the labour market.

Consequently, it means that  you must choose a course strategically because it will go a long way in strengthening your prospects of getting a job upon graduation.

Here is a List of the best certificate courses in Kenya

Just Incase you are looking for the most marketable certificate courses in Kenya that can make you a well-rounded graduate,  consider these;

 Certificate  Course in Information Technology

It provides students with a general understanding of information systems, computer operating systems, software, hardware as well as  programming.

Successful Graduands are able to address practical business problems using a technological and engineering approach.

One will be able to use your training and learning skills to earn a position in the IT department of a small or large business.

Major skills you will learn will also allow you to start up your own  IT consulting service or become a specialist in the installation, maintenance, and operation of computer systems.

Certificate Course  in Catering and Accommodation Operations

Everybody can indeed witness how  Catering and Accommodation Operations has become one of the best paying  courses in Kenya.

Certificate course  in Business Administration

This course that will make you a well-rounded graduate is the Certificate in Business Administration.

It  revolves around managerial and administrative skills needed in the workplace.

This  programme prepares you for entry-level positions by introducing you to fundamental business practices and concepts.

Also this  course introduces you to  fundamental business concepts, it will prepare you for a diverse range of professional goals and apply your business skills in the areas of business management, marketing, entrepreneurial ventures, finance, and small business management.

 Certificate course  in Health Records and Information

It is one among the many marketable KMTC certificate courses you should pursue is Health Records and Information.

This  programme  equips you with the knowledge and skills of collecting and maintaining medical information.

It gives one an opportunity on how to deal with  information  such as  patient diagnostics, records, financial information, and insurance, among others.

Certificate in Sales and Marketing

Here  you will acquire the necessary skills to be a manager in marketing and sales.

Here you get to experiment on  markets distribution channels, market research, publicity, marketing strategies, pricing strategies, public relations, advertising, and more.

After  graduation, one  will qualify as a sales and marketing manager.

 Certificate in Purchasing and Supplies Management

It is a   programme that  offers students skills on how to efficiently and effectively manage the activities of an organisation’s supply chain.

Certificate course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

 It is  a marketable course since it provides students with the foundational theories of electronics through laboratory and classroom instruction work.


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