TSC additional list of transferred principals per county- November 2021

Transfer of principal from one school to another  has been a talk of town in teaching fraternity in recent days.  Most of the principals have been caught unware with them receiving transfer letters directing them to move out of their current  schools and go to their new stations.



Recently, Mr. Samson Otwere- the principal of Itare secondary school in Kisii was transferred to Marera secondary schools in Homa-Bay county, Mr. Jared ochieng  replaced him.

Parents really praised Mr. Samson very much for his good work he did in the school in improving  the results and infrastructure. They really wanted to continue staying but all their efforts were in vain.



“He did  his work prudently but now transfer has come from his employer and we have no powers to retain him” these were the word from the BOM chairman Dr. Nyachoti.



Mr. Otwere replaced the former Marete secondary school principal who was interdicted earlier due to unethical behavior conduct had.



Parents were not left behind in giving their grievances, they asked the ministry of education to have TSC stop transferring principals at anytime. They said that the principal  was an asset that  the school had lost due to the transfer.



Answering the parents, the Kisii TSC county director Mrs. Jayne Wambui Mwaniki said that every is like any other civil  servant who can be employed to work in any part of the country where their services are needed.


She further added that every transferred principal was required to make first adjustments to their new environments so as to help the learners in syllabus coverage in this limited time frame.



The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has transferred a number of teachers from their schools since last term.

Some of the reasons for the transfers include teachers overstaying in one station as others were swapping schools on personal or professional reasons. More principals transferred include;


The long serving principal in the county was Kerongorori High School’s Mrs Tabitha Mogoi who has been transferred to Riambase in Nyamache Sub-county to fill the post of the school’s former principal who died early this year.

Her transfer paved way for the former principal of Botoro Secondary School in Marani Sub-county.


The principal of Nduru Girls School, Grace Onyango was transferred to Rabura Mixed Secondary School in Siaya County. It is not clear whether she will take the post of principal or a normal teacher.


Other principals who were moved during the transfers include the principal of Tarang’anya High School in Migori County Mr. Aliva, moved to Terem High school to replace Mr. Benard Wamanga who will report to Kivaywa Secondary School in Kakamega County.



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