TSC, All sub-county TSC directors are likely to lose their jobs due to the following reasons



Kenyan TSC teachers are always yearnto change their work stations because of many different personal reasons.




In some scenarios, a teacher wishing to be transferred may use the heavy pocket ‘money’ he or she possess so as to catalyse a transfer from one school to another where they will feel safe in terms of health and general safety.





According to some of exclusive reports compiled by experts, most teachers try to leave their unbefitting working stations because they are in bad terms with the administration, and brushing shoulders with a boss is, unfortunately, the furthest level a classroom teacher can go, and the only solution is to surrender tp the bullyism or just call for a transfer to leave.




Usually, the later is the most common solution that teachers adopt – leaving.



The recent variety of surveys on the suitability of working environments for teachers highlighted that teachers who really need a transfer are always disappointed with the way the normal process for the same is usually slow, and they think that it is better to use cash as a catalyst that could fasten the process.



Kenyan teachers complained that launching a normal transfer from TSC can just take years, and that’s why they look for shortcuts.




It further clarified that since many teachers want the process that could not hold them ransom, they go for short paths to achieve the transfers.



Nowadays, majority of such processes are claimed to be marshalled by some SubCounty directors who claims to be very vocal and known by the TSC’s human resource groups, and the people in the relevant departments that deal with deployment and staffing of qualified teachers.






The information is already in the commission’s hands.and investigations are on going to ascertain the reasons behind such malpractices, as some Subcounty directors of education are under thorough scrutiny, and if the allegations will be held to stand, then some of them might see the door before retirement age by being fired.



According to reports, such people need to be the frontiers of transparency and integrity, as they should make TSC’s core values achievable and to maintain the high standards of the commission.



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