TSC, announces September Employment of Intern Teachers, Check out the application deadline and apply earlier

In the  Kenyan market job security is the only issue among its residents. The country has a large populated educated young Kenyans who always miss out  employment.




The internship programme was introduced so as to solve the issues of teachers shortages in schools due to the 100% transition of learners from primary school to secondary schools and the introduction of the new curriculum – CBC.



Despite of employing these teachers on contract basis, there is still a shortage of teachers.



Like for the case of  recently completed recruitment exercise by TSC that ended on 28th July 2021,  TSC recruited 5000 teachers on permanent terms.



The statistics showed that the teachers who were in internship programme 95% of them are the ones who got the job leaving the once without any contract term with a lot of questions to answer concerning their employment.


Statistics are showing that the teachers who were internship secured jobs elsewhere nlt tje schools where they were. This has automatically created gaps there is need to fill them immediately.




To respond to this problem, the body in charge of employing teachers TSC has today announced 1995  intern employment opportunities  for unemployed teacher both primary and secondary  to help solve the problem. 1038 post for secondary and 957 for primary section 



This is good news to all unemployed teachers who  outside and this will be  a big step to be taken.


Once TSC advertises the teaching vacancies for vin different particular schools, all successful applicants will be invited to do an online application trough the TSC recruitment portal. www.teacheronline.tsc.go.ke



The application deadline will be 27th September 2021. Qualified candidates are advised to apply earlier enough to avoid missing this opportunity. The Interniship period will be one year will be renewed. The secondary Intern teacher will pocket home a whooping monthly salary of 20,000 while the primary will get a monthly salary of 15,000.



NB. No handwritten application will be allowed. The employment exercise will be completely free and no one should trick you to pay for it.



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