*TSC Announces the Dates for mass recruitment of intern teachers for Year 2022, checkout the Dates and get prepared*

Recently, there was Mass recruitment of teachers in the just ended month of July 2021.


Several teachers secured a chance to be employed into the Teachers Service Commision under permanent and pensionable terms. Most of these teachers were serving under internship Programme in schools across the country.


They had a huge advantage over the other teachers as they were already in possession of 30 marks awarded from internship.


Despite being awarded staggering 30 marks several interns were unable to secure permanent jobs, due to huge competition.


This has left the intern teachers worried as the next recruitment will come after their contract has expired.

Now this group of teachers who missed out on the recently concluded employment have a reason to wear a smile on their faces as it has been confirmed that their contract will be renewed at the end of the year.


TSC is also planning to recruit more intern teachers to secondary schools to help curb teachers shortage in public schools.Initially it was scheduled to be held in this month of December, but due to insufficient funds, the exercise has been pushed to January of year 2022.


Which means advertisements will be out by early January and applications will begin immediately, as the recruitment will be done in the same month. Once the advertisement is out, we’ll keep you updated immediately.


This will also solve the issue of teacher shortage now that form ones joined school, to effect the 100 percent transition system from the government. Reports from the commission indicate that in excess of 1,000 interns missed out on July Mass recruitment of teachers.


The government’s move to introduce the contraction for the teachers has been of really great importance as majority have been absorbed to curb on the shortages that have arose mostly from the surging 100% transition and Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) program.


This comes a time when several reports suggest that job security is the only problem in the Kenyan market.


Many of the learned young Kenyans lack a friendly working environment from their employers due to fear of being sacked and pressure of employing their close members.


This has been a lifelong problem that has made Kenya a place full of unemployment cases in every survey.


Majority of the students in university are reportedly the practising teachers who, some, didn’t wish to be one.

But they ironically opted to be involved in such a career because of the advice from the society that that is the only course one will be sure of permanent and pensionable employment.


According to information from trusted sources , there is still need for more teachers on contract, and those not absorbed still stands a high chance of being renewed for another year.But they aren’t enough whatsoever.


The government should move with speed to hire more so as to replace those who, by merit, got a chance to be employed in the just concluded recruitment.



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