*TSC CEO spells out how teachers will be affected by failure in enrollment for TPD modules causing much panic among them*

There has been a hot debate over the issue of Teacher Professional Development(TPD) between the teachers, unions and the TSC.


This has made the issue to move up to the parliament for further discussion. It has been a cry of who to pay the bills of TPD. According to TSC, it is upon individual teacher to be fully responsible for the cost.




It is still not clear where the debate will end but the bitter truth is that the registration and the training is on. The first group registered and started their classes of TPD in December last year. The big question is, will the TPD affect your carrier progression?


Whether TPD can affect the carrier progression or not can be derived from Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development(TPAD). TPAD is a tool used to monitor teacher performance and also to inquire if the teacher is really developing professionally.


For professional development to be achieved, there must be Teacher Professional Development Plan put in place. This can only be achieved by covering the TPD modules.

TPD modules feedback will be reflected back to your TPAD as indicated in the dashboard that is enrolment, feedback, assessment and certificate. Once you have your certificate, it will be an indication that you have gone through professional development process. TPD will earn you marks in your TPAD.


Carrier progression and promotion is mostly done through interviews. It seems the commission major on the TPAD for promotion since major checked areas are clearly indicated in the TPAD. TPD will therefore add value to your TPAD and carrier.

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