TSC CEO surprises a blind man and his wife shortly after Receiving a letter from them after missing 3 consecutive employment interviews

Milton Wafula, 32, is devastated because he has never recovered from the trauma of losing his father



His father, Musa Naikopo, died four years ago in Bungoma County, Bisunu County.




Wafula was born healthy but became blind three days later. His parents took him to several hospitals but all efforts were in vain.




“My parents enrolled me in Lutaso Primary School because they could not afford to send me to a special school,” he said.




“When I was in third grade, a Dutch missionary came to school and my teacher told me about my situation. He agreed to sponsor my education at Kibos School for the Blind. “The missionary completed his secondary education at the Thika School for the Blind, where he graduated with a C degree.


Unfortunately, the missionary died.

“My father sold me a piece of land and forced me to enroll at Mosoriot Teachers College in Nandi County,” said Wafula. He added: “In 2018, my brother paid me and I took the exam a second time after the exam. Then I passed in 2019,” he said.




His father, who had eight children, died before he could afford to send them to school. He was the only person who received formal education after being sponsored. Despite the outstanding payment balance, Wafula spoke to the principal and gave him a P1 teaching certificate, which helped him get a TSC number.




Every time TSC advertises a job, there is a special place for people with disabilities.




“I lost three opportunities because I didn’t have money to help me get a job. “I’m very sad,” he said. “I asked my mother who is 67 years old to give me a job so that she doesn’t work in people’s farms and like her two brothers blind.” Wafula continued.




Wafula is a qualified English and Kiswahili teacher.




His wife, Pamela Nekesa, is also blind. The couple has a three-year-old blind daughter.



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