TSC Guidelines to Teachers on teaching of the three subjects





The Teachers service Commission is Constitutionally mandated to register, hire and transfer teachers and other roles pertaining teachers of this country.



As the country gears towards embracing a new education system (CBC) which will see the ultimate phasing out of 8-4-4, the commission has put in place various mechanisms for smooth transition.



One area where TSC is keen on introducing changes to enable smooth flow of events is the area of manpower development.




So far, a number of primary school teachers handling CBC classes have been trained on the new curriculum



Their counterparts in Secondary schools are set to receive the first batch of learners in 2023 when there will be a double intake.



The current class seven will be joining form one while the current grade five will be joining junior secondary




It’s for this reason that TSC has written to the ministry of education Principal Secretary Dr Julius Jwan giving an advisory opinion on how secondary school teachers should be made ready for CBC.



In the letter which was seen by Standard, TSC CEO Dr Nancy Macharia proposes radical changes in the teaching profession that if implemented, teachers will have more work. Below are some of the proposals.






One, teachers to be trained to handle many subjects according to the demands of CBC. Currently, teachers only handle at most two subjects.





“We advice and recommend that teacher education curriculum be flexible and aligned to enable a single teacher handle more than two Subjects” said macharia in a letter as quoted by standard.




Two, biology and homescience teachers be retrained to handle health education as social studies teachers get prepared to teach citizenship.




Three, Diploma teacher training colleges to train teachers on demand basies for newly introduced subjects such as leather work hairdressing and beauty among others.



Four, treasury to allocate enough funds for retraining and retooling of all the 110000 secondary schools teachers to make them CBC ready ahead of 2023




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