TSC has issued new fresh guidelines to teacher’s in filling pension claims,Checkout the new requirements

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) on Tuesday, November 23, issued guidelines for retired teachers seeking to file their pension claims.

All teachers who have attained the legal requirement age, some widows and disabled, are the ones who qualify to receive the money.


The commission stated that to ensure that they are not left out, the qualified individuals must make the necessary applications and submit all the required documents.


TSC has already forwarded the names of the beneficiaries to the National Treasury and what is remaining is for the individuals to submit the necessary information and documents.

To facilitate the processing of the funds, each individual will be required to submit the following documents and details:


1. A duly filled TSC clearance certificate


2. Two copies of bank plate on the side showing name and account number


3. Two copies of the national Identity card

4. A duly completed and duplicated pension commuting form, indicating how you prefer being paid, that is monthly or yearly


5. A duly completed bank lump sum payment form

6. Provide two copies indicating all promotion letters/certificates


7. Two copies of KRA pin certificates


8. In the case where a female teacher has different names on their certificates, they will be required to provide two copies of marriage certificates/affidavits


9. Provide National Social Security Fund (NSSF) statements and copies of earliest pay slips, showing NSSF deductions for those who served as untrained teachers.


10. Male teachers will be required to provide earliest copies of payslips showing Widows and Children Pension Scheme (WCPS) deductions for male teachers.

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